Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2018 – 2019

Phyllis Jack Moore
Affiliation: Community Representative/Retired  Early Childhood Educator

Cynthia Gamez
Affiliation:  Early Childhood & Maternal Program/Austin/
Travis County HHSD

James Love
Affiliation: Northwestern Mutual

Debra Elzner
Affiliation: Law Office of Debra Elzner

Members                                                                                                                                 Ben Baker                                                                                                                             Affiliation: IBM

Kim Kofron
Affiliation: Texas Association for the Education of Young Children

Joy Fields Miller                                                                                                               Affiliation: City of Austin

Patrick Sanders                                                                                                               Affiliation: Child Incorporated

Friend of the Board

Brian Peierls

Affiliation:  Peierls Foundation









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